Self help resources

1. Reclaiming myself after Child Sexual Abuse Royal District Nursing Service of SA (RDNS)

"Reclaiming Myself after Child Sexual Abuse" is a self-help resource developed for survivors of child sexual abuse but is also of value to survivors of all forms of child abuse.


2. It's not your fault (Respond SA)

 "It's not your fault, men talking about living beyond the effects of sexual abuse" is the culmination of years of work by men dedicated to helping others cope with the effects of child sexual abuse.

Respond SA (Relationships Australia) Andre Groome, the driving force behind the booklet said, " People hardly ever talk about the sexual abuse of young males, meaning that quite often, men who were sexually abused as children live their lives thinking they were the only one. However we know from the research that about one in six men were subjected to child sexual abuse."

"It's the isolation that intensifies the effects of abuse, such as feelings of shame and self blame"

Quotes from men who were sexually abused as children form a significant part of the booklet. One contributor, John hoped the booklet would give other survivors hope and strength.

"I want to show other men out there that they are not alone, that they can be released from the shame, the guilt, and the ongoing effects of abuse. I know a lot of people don't address childhood sexual abuse until later on, usually after devastating consequences because they don't know how to live a normal life. "

"I advise men to address the effects of abuse as early as possible and break the cycle. Just being able to speak out has healing qualities. Often survivors don't know what choices are available for them, but this booklet lays it all out."

"It's not your fault" sends a strong message that men are much more than the sexual abuse they were subjected to and the effects it has on their lives. It explains:

  • "Abuse of power that occurs during sexual abuse
  • "Effects of manipulation and betrayal
  • "Ways young people and adults have acted to protect themselves from painful effects of abuse

"It's not your fault" is also available for professionals, family members or friends who may be supporting male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. "It's not your fault" is available for download from the Respond SA website here.

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  • I commend this workshop to service providers and those involved in social services to ensure you are up to date on the issues surrounding caring and appropriate responses to people who have experienced child abuse. ALAN WOODWARD

  • The training yesterday was extremely well received. I really appreciated it – but more valuable is that attendees had so many positives to say! And, fabulous trainer also! PRASHANT MUNRO

  • As one of the millions of survivors in this country, I sincerely thank you for your efforts and am so grateful to have stumbled across your service and join in the cause! KYMM MCNAMARA

  • Just wanting to thank you for sharing the hope that recovery is possible, increasing awareness and promoting choice. BETH PASTORE

  • I just wanted to say how excellent I think the guidelines document is. It is thoroughly researched, well written and draws poignant conclusions, necessary for the future of mental health care. I congratulate you all on such an impressive document. A/PROF M. DORAHY

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